Jerome Obholz – Can You Tell Me

A beautiful voice, an inspired composition and a refined production are what Jerome Obholz delivers with Can You Tell Me. On the pop side of electronica, the song is a nice background to quieter public places, like lounges, restaurants, but also for apartment/house gatherings. The arrangement is precious, giving this song a nice, well-thought dynamic that keeps the track interesting from beginning to end. I would risk saying it sounds like a Max Martin production. Well done, Jerome.

You will find it on my Discovery Electronica playlist.

Caroline – I Know Better

A powerful bass line, great songwriting and a pleasant voice are what Caroline presents us with I Know Better. This song was recently submitted to my playlists and got one of the top spots on my Discovery Electronica playlist.

The mixing is competently done and the song follows contemporary pop/electronica trends, so it’s hard to believe Caroline’s music won’t be a hit. She already surpassed 26,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and that’s no easy feat in the highly competitive music scene of these days.

Want to check out her work? It’s on this playlist:

Adam Stacks, TheRWSmith – Koko Schanel

Today, I dedicate this space to house music. With Koko Schanel, Adam Stacks and TheRWSmith bring a nice mix of house music and old-style rapping that will make the perfect background music for your house party. As someone who was strongly connected to dance music during the 90s, I can say this song has, to me, a sense of familiarity in terms of style and samples.

You can find this track and other cool ones on my Discovery Electronica playlist.

DSKO, Hambleton, Tamika – Vacation

Here’s the perfect soundtrack for those days at the beach or pool. Picture yourself on a Greek beach while listening to Vacation, a track by DSKO, Hambleton, and Tamika. It’s not only the name, but the whole track also has the vibe of that vacation everyone can’t wait to take.

The vocals follow the R&B/Rihanna line, which will definitely make this a popular track. The artists released Vacation in 2019 and it has already almost 10,000 plays on Spotify.

The track is in one of the top spots of my Discovery Electronica playlist. Enjoy it.

Bulent Cakmak – Trip of India

I found this today. If you and your friends are into partying hard and like the psytrancy side of electronica, try this track at your next party. Trip of India, by Bulent Cakmak will take you from psychedelic to meditative and then to euphoric again. Psytrance synths, Indian chanting, it’s all there, but not with the usual psytrance aesthetics. This track is really different and original. Try it, you will love it.

Trip of India is currently Top 3 on my Psytrance playlist.