Urbano, RM4K – Worth The Price

Here’s another song for your runs and workouts. Or parties. Worth The Price, by Urbano and RM4K is a top-notch track that has a Calvin Harris’ feel and a nice vibe. The rapping reminds me of Drinking from the Bottle and the female vocal is extremely competent and well-mixed.

The song is currently in the second position on my Discovery Electronica II playlist.

Dr. Wesh, Eric Castiglia – Dance in the Rain

Dr. Wesh and Eric Castiglia found a very nice mix of distorted guitars and electronic sounds in Dance in the Rain. Inspired by artists like Skazi, I tried to do the same in some of my tracks, like This Light.

Dance in the Rain is very well mixed and the highly effected vocals are a nice touch to this track that has a bit of everything to keep you rocking.

This is a nice track for workouts or any activity that demands high levels of energy. Mixing that with coffee may be dangerous. Don’t blame if you get hurt.

You can find Dance in the Rain in my Discovery Electronica playlist.

Just note that this is an explicit track, so you may want to take the kids out of the room before you start enjoying it.


FreeG, Ceavora, Simon Miles – Falling

Falling, a 2020 track by FreeG, Ceavora, Simon Miles is a vocal trance that will boost your energy and improve your mood. A powerful synth chorus, excellent songwriting, top-notch production, beautiful vocals and a song structure that will keep your interest are some of the elements that you will find in this song. You may want to try it for a workout.

Falling is now at the top positions on my Discovery Eletronica playlist.


Düncan, Dani Rocco, Pri Pach – Runaway

In difficult times (it does not matter what or why), music is one of the factors that can help us cope with our undesired circumstances. So today I selected an upbeat track by a Brazilian trio of artists. Düncan, Dani Rocco and Pri Pach released Runaway in 2019 and this song will definitely enhance your mood while you try to find creative ways to have fun while practicing social distancing.

The song opens with references to California and sunny days, so let’s focus on that and hope this craziness is gone before summer comes.

You can find Runaway in my Discovery Eletronica playlist.


Hot Tub – Sunrise

Hot Tub released Sunrise in 2019 and this track has a great set of attributes. Its tempo is fast enough that it can be used for workouts but, at the same time, this is a track with a structure that allows focus/concentration, so it’s great for intellectual work too.

The bass and kick drums are solid and the whole track is very well-mixed. The subtle vocals add a nice touch.

You can find this track and other good ones on my Discovery Electronica playlist.