Tokyo Dwellers

Tokyo Dwellers

Last week I also released a second experiment in LoFi, also an EP with Japanese inspiration. Tokyo Dwellers contains two tracks: Golden Gai is the first one, and it is dedicated to this interesting neighbourhood/area in Shinjuku filled with micro-bars, most of which can only fit 6 or 7 people. It’s a unique experience. The second track is called Ginza, named after one of Tokyo’s main shopping districts.

You can check both songs a few others in my playlist of Japan-inspired tracks.

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I released a single and an EP this past week. The first release I want to talk about is Nishiki, a track dedicated to the famous market in Kyoto. My visit to the city was brief but enough to discover a side of Japan very different from the one I saw in Tokyo.

You can find all my releases on the Music page.

NSH, Jaksch – California

I don’t normally venture on the pop side of music, but California, by NSH and Jaksch deserves an exception here. Play this song after a long workday and you will find renewed energy for whatever the night has in store for you.

The song is extremelly well-writen and beautifully performed. The singer is talented and the production is of the highest level.

You can find California in my Pop playlist.

Lost Frequencies, Zonderling, Kelvin Jones – Love To Go

Lost Frequencies, Zonderling and Kelvin Jones found a pleasant mix of indie rock and electronica with Love To Go. Yes, the track starts with a nice acoustic guitar part that almost reminds me of Phillip Phillips but then becomes heavily electronic in its chorus. The vocals are beautiful and the song is well written.

You can find Love To Go in my Discovery Electronica playlist.

Tomer Aaron – Taste of the Devil

Taste of the Devil, by Tomer Aaron, has great mixing work, an arrangement that keeps things interesting from the start to the end of the song and cool trance-like synthesizers. The vibrato/auto-tune is just the right amount and makes for nice vocals.

You can find this tune on my Discovery Electronica playlist.