History 2

After a heavy start, I decided to compose a few other songs with different patterns (the first three followed a verse/pre-chorus/verse/bridge structure), some of them using guitars, some pure electronic, some using alternative vocals tracks, like speech or simple vocalizations with no lyrics. One of my favourites is ‘The Desert’.

With a pack of 10 songs, I had an album! I published these songs on last.fm (that site was a useful tool for small, independent artists around 2009). The album was initially called ‘This Light’. Last.fm changed and they are not hosting music anymore. This year, the album was removed from the Google Play store (the last place where it could be found) when they changed the rules regarding small artists. It will be re-released next year, with another name, in order to prevent confusion with the single release for ‘This Light’.

History 1

Well, you have to start somewhere.

So this is my first post.

I am a Canadian electronic musician who started composing and producing pystrance, or at least what I believed to be psytrance. I was inspired by artists like Skazi and GMS, who mixed electronic psychedelic sounds with heavily distorted guitars. That was a natural choice: I really like electronic music but my favourite genre is heavy metal, especially the progressive sub-genre. Favourite metal bands? Kamelot, QueensrĂżche and Helloween.

So I started by composing three songs: This Light, which ended up also being the name of the project, Transmissions and Thieves’ Guild. Later, I also removed the electronic elements from those three songs and made pure metal versions of them, which, in its turn, led me to form a metal band, Hall of Dreams.

In my next post, I will continue on the evolution of This Light.