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How are my Spotify playlists different?

For the last couple of years, I have been very active both as a playlister and as an artist submitting my songs to playlists through several different methods. And from time to time, I wonder ‘How are my Spotify playlists different?’.

Not always the experience as an artist is pleasant. Worse than getting a submission rejected is never hearing back from the playlister you submitted to. And that happens. A lot.

What about you? Do you feel that some playlist submission systems have a really low rate of response? Do you feel like some playlisters are out there to get the benefits of the artists’ submissions (who are normally followers for their own stuff) but don’t want to invest their time working on their side of the deal? Impressions may differ, I assume.

So, for starters, I can say that I review submissions every day, several times a day. Either on my own site or on Daily Playlists, I keep up to date with submissions daily.

Second. I try to be very inclusive. Independent artists do not have the support of record companies and we only have each other to rely on. So I have several Discovery playlists entirely dedicated to small artists in order to have space for everyone. Of course, I reject content with low quality, but I don’t reject tracks just because I don’t like them, as long as I feel they meet the spirit of a given playlist and meet good quality standards.

Third, I created my own submission system.

Fourth, I never charge for this service. There’s no upsell, no attempt to make you spend any money in any way. I do it as a free service where all artists give me back is follows and likes in my Spotify stuff (account, artists, playlists, tracks). And I work on my side of the deal relentlessly.

Another inclusivity aspect of my work is that you will find music from many different backgrounds in my playlists. Be ready to hear songs from different countries and in different languages. Some people may shy away from tracks not sung in English, but I am actually attracted to them. Arabic, Mediterranean, Indian and Asian rhythms are among my favourites and you will find a lot of them in my playlists.

I hope all the above gives you a good picture of my relationship with music, artists and the activity of playlisting itself. And, if you are an independent artist, I hope you’re soon part of one of my playlists.

How are my Spotify playlists different?

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