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This Light’s History Part 5

In 2018. I had the opportunity to visit Greece, and while in a restaurant in Santorini, I came in contact with Vanilla Radio. Back home, I started listening to it daily and had the chance to discover music from artists of the Mediterranean (Vanilla plays music from all around the world though). I already used to like music with middle-eastern influence, having composed tracks for my metal band Hall of Dreams that invoked some of that musicality. This way, the music of artists like Valeron, Mahmut Orhan and a few others was a great find for me.

The trip and the radio programming were also a source of inspiration for me to compose four tracks that would form the EP In The Middle. Two of the tracks, Setting Sun and Hayat, have a lot to do with what I speak about above and are, to date, two of my favourite compositions. The other two tracks in the album, No Orleans and Low Light sound more like deep house (or whatever you feel they sound like, I do a terrible job trying to categorize my own compositions).

After almost releasing the EP through a label based in the US, I decided to self-release In The Middle and I don’t regret the decision. Setting Sun is This Light’s song with most of plays on Spotify.

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