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Snowboarding in Whistler

I am lucky for, once again, being able to hop on a plane and a bus and enjoy the largest mountain resort in North America, Whistler/Blackcomb.

View from high on the mountain at Whistler

I have been in Whistler a couple of years ago and I left the resort with a bad impression. Then, I did not enjoy the tracks and the third day simply did not happen because of a gondola closure due to bad weather.

This time, however, I left with an entirely opposite impression. I had three excellent days of riding and enjoyed the tracks a lot. 

I rented the equipment and was given the same board I had on the first visit: a Salomon Assassin. The board is so good and reliable that I am considering it for the next time I buy a board. It’s great when board and track add to each other, making you feel good at riding. I say that because I have highs and lows in my snowboarding trips. Sometimes I leave a riding session feeling completely incompetent, sometimes I leave with a sense of accomplishment. Hard to say what are the elements to that contribute to feeling one thing or another.

The weather conditions were good. The first day, like two years ago, was mostly sunny and that is a delight on a day of riding. 

The second day was cloudy but uneventful.

On the third, there was snow and fog. The snow made the tracks slower and the fog, despite lowering visibility, added a dreamy atmosphere to everything. 

Fog on Whistler

So, weather-wise, a mix of conditions, but everything together contributed to providing different ways of experiencing the mountain.

The mountain and the soul

Most of the people around me love the beach. The mountain is where I feel complete. I like the sea too, but nothing beats the view of the mountain chains, the snowed trees and, occasionally, the mist.

This year, I was also able to snowboard in the largest resort in South America, Cerro Catedral. The views from that mountain are different but among the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The silence of the mountain in the winter, which you can experience if you just stop the ride on an empty track, is something you will not be able to find in many other places.

View of the mountains, trees and fog at Whistler

For me, snowboarding is a spiritual activity, which connects me with my fears and insecurities, but, at the same time, brings me an awareness of learning and development that is enriching for the soul. The connection with the vastness of nature, expressed by the monumental size of the mountains, brings peace and energizes the spirit for a new year of work, changes and victories.

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