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Are you an independent artist trying to get your music heard? Have you been wondering if it’s a good idea to submit music to an independent playlist curator?

Well, you probably already know that Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service. According to Midia Research’s 2022 Q2 data, its market share is more than double the size of Apple’s (second place). Therefore, it’s an excellent platform to give you exposure in these very competitive times. Today, artists can get their music directly on the market without depending on a record label’s A&R department. The downside is that now the competition is way bigger than it used to be in the past.

Yes, Spotify has its own curated playlists you can submit to, as long as you program a future date for your release instead of setting the track to launch “as soon as possible” in your distro system. Personally, I released many tracks and I never got any response from the Spotify submission system. Not even denial ones.

It helps a little to know that there are many other playlist curators who offer playlist submissions without fees. And, as you are reading this page, you are closer than ever to my number 1 recommendation: my own playlist submission system. You will also like to know that I don’t charge for submissions and I do not store any data regarding your Spotify username. The latter is the reason why you do not get confirmations regarding approval/denial. My system is super simple to the point you can submit a song in less than a minute. I normally review submissions several times a day and you can be sure I will listen to your track quickly.

So, do not wait! Submit music to Spotify playlist curator This Light and also read my recommendation of other Spotify curators you can submit to for free.

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