Spotify playlist curators you can submit your music to for free

Ever wondered if there are playlist curators you can submit to for free instead of spending money on paid promotion? I have good news for you.

1. This Light

Yes, this website. It’s completely free (it’s not payola and there’s no upgrade to paid). All I request is some follows back (which are explicit in each playlist requirements). The process is uncomplicated and you can submit in less than a minute.

To submit a song, visit our playlists page.

Playlist curators you can submit to for free

2. Daily Playlists

DP makes submitting a song really easy and the service is free. Several of my playlists are there too.

3. Indiemono

Another free service, Indiemono’s submission is a bit more complicated than DP’s, but it is still convenient enough.

4. Submithub

They have free and paid versions of submission, but their influencers cover more than just Spotify. You can create multiple campaigns for a single song and, on the free version, you can submit to two channels at once, a few times a day.