History 1

Well, you have to start somewhere.

So this is my first post.

I am a Canadian electronic musician who started composing and producing pystrance, or at least what I believed to be psytrance. I was inspired by artists like Skazi and GMS, who mixed electronic psychedelic sounds with heavily distorted guitars. That was a natural choice: I really like electronic music but my favourite genre is heavy metal, especially the progressive sub-genre. Favourite metal bands? Kamelot, QueensrĂżche and Helloween.

So I started by composing three songs: This Light, which ended up also being the name of the project, Transmissions and Thieves’ Guild. Later, I also removed the electronic elements from those three songs and made pure metal versions of them, which, in its turn, led me to form a metal band, Hall of Dreams.

In my next post, I will continue on the evolution of This Light.

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Mr. Pope says

What you’re doing is really interesting and cool.

This Light says

Thanks. Spread the word, if you have a chance!

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