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Welcome to our Playlist Submission FAQ.

Why is the website asking me for a Spotify login?

By submitting your song, this submission system will require you to follow playlists, artists and tracks in return. For the site to automate this process, such a login is necessary. This website cannot delete anything from your account and this access is only possible while you submit a track.

I see some errors in the Playlist Submission interface.

This may be a temporary Spotify glitch and it’s out of our control. Normally, it won’t happen again if you try a second time.

The Playlist Submission screen is saying my music didn’t get through but I am sure I made the submission.

You must make sure you complete the process. After you enter your track link and hit submit, you need to choose up to three playlists to submit to and hit submit again. The process only finishes when you see the message ‘Tracks submitted successfully. Check the playlists you selected in 48 hours…’

The Playlist Submission is not accepting my link.

You need to submit a track link, like, and not an album link, like Look for the term ‘track’ in the address to make sure you have the correct address for your track.

Keep asking! I keep updating this Playlist Submission FAQ as more questions come in.